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Erstwhile, Tease, etc

Posted 2012-09-20 10:00

Hey everyone! You might have heard, but the Erstwhile books have arrived back from the printer. They look absolutely stunning in all their full-color, hardcover glory. We are now undertaking the HUGE task of fulfilling all of the pledge orders from the kickstarter drive. When I say a huge, I mean huge! It's taking all of my extra time (extra time, ha ha) to work on it. Once the kickstarter orders have been all sent out we will be offering the book for sale on the site to everyone. Yay!

So, I know some of you have been asking when I would be doing the bonus month of four pages a week here at Red String. You know, because you were all awesome with your support of the Erstwhile Kickstarter. The answer is...
sometime soon. I had planned to do it in August, but any extra time I have that could be put towards extra pages has been going into completing the kickstarter.  HOWEVER, I will be doing it. It might just be not as soon as I originally planned. I will make an announcement when it happens.

In other news, a new Red String comic went up over at Filthy Figments over the summer. It's titled "Tease" and extends the makeout scene with Miharu and Makoto from Chapter 48. It's only available on the FF site. Also, those of you who enjoyed Riding Hood, a new chapter has begun as well.


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