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Some wonderful readers have taken their support of Red String to conventions. Here’s where you can find photos of those costume-makers. If you’ve made a Red String costume please email me some photos, so I can post them here!

Name: RC Fighter
Character: Eiji Hayashihara
Sighting: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 (Atlanta, GA)

Name: Suzanne Nichols
Character: Tomi Hisamori
Sighting: Otakon 2010 (Baltimore, MD)

Name: SailorKnightWing
Character: Tomi Hisamori
Sighting: TsubasaCon 2009 (Huntington, WV)

Name: Sheora
Character: Hanae Niijima
Sighting: DragonCon 2009 (Atlanta, GA)

Name: Gracie Lizzy
Character: Reika Matsuo
Sighting: AyaCon 2009 (Coventry, UK)

Name: K-chan (as Miharu), Sheora (as Hanae), Robin Edwards (Ken’ichi)
Character: Miharu Ogawa, Hanae Niijima, Ken’ichi Hayashihara
Sighting: MegaCon 2009 (Orlando, FL)


Name: Seo
Character: Miharu Ogawa
Sighting: Oni-Con 2008 (Houston, TX)

Name: Chrissie
Character: Miharu Ogawa
Sighting: Otakon 2008 (Baltimore, MD)

Name: Jill
Character: Reika Matsuo
Sighting: Otakon 2008 (Baltimore, MD)

Name: fantasyreverie
Character: Miharu Ogawa
Sighting: MegaCon 2007 (Orlando, FL)

Notes: Red String’s very first cosplayer and a cool story to go with it. It was very cold at the con, so later in the day Fantasyreverie was wearing a sweater over the top of her outfit. While she was in the bathroom, another girl was eyeing her. Fantasyreverie told her the costume was from Red String and the other girl replied, “I know.” Wow! Not only did someone cosplay a character from Red String, but another person at the con recognized the character and costume even partially covered up!

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