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Guest Art

I have created a page especially for the guest work I have received for Red String. This is a little different than regular fan art since I was provided by artists who helped out in times of need (like for one of the times I had to move to a new apartment or for my maternity leave). A big thanks goes out to all of these awesome folks! Be sure to check out their sites!!

Okay, so you remember this piece I did a while back? Jamie put an excellent role reversal spin on it! She is the master of drawing guys in dresses. Her comic, Lavender Legend, features this very thing and it’s quite an excellent read! She is also an artist at FilthyFigments.com.

Tsukiyono has drawn a very sweet and sexy Reika and Eiji sharing a tender moment. Her comic, Of Wolves and Men, can be read here! She is also an artist of FilthyFigments.com.

Ariel Vittori created this wonderfully sweet art with Fuuko and Hanae. You can check out her official website at ArielVittori.com. She also has a great comic up at FilthyFigments.com.

Robin Edwards drew up this sexy little piece with Miharu and Makoto! Robin’s current webcomic series is Cardboard Angel which is the tale of a girl on the road to delinquency and her friendship with the ghost of her favorite musician. She also has several stories up at FilthyFigments.com.

Angi Mauri drew this wonderfully sweet and romantic piece with Reika and Eiji. Her current webcomic series is Devil’s Cake. It follows the story of Kea who finds out that her bad luck with boys isn’t a ‘what’ but a ‘who’. A very sexy and mysterious who!

Some wickedly funny guest art by the infamous Jennie Breeden of the webcomic series, The Devil’s Panties. Jennie is also known for her hilarious adult comedy series, ID. You can read ID over at FilthyFigments.com.

Alejandra created this sweet little piece with Miharu x Makoto. You can check out her official site and she even has a few short stories up at FilthyFigments.com.

Chloe created this adorably sweet piece with Fuuko x Hanae. She is the creator of the webcomic series, Go Get a Roomie. It follows the story of a homeless hippie, living her life in love and joy. (Not something to be read at work.) She also has a series running at FilthyFigments.com.

The awesome Shouri has two webcomics. The first is Springiette, a silly fun comic for all ages about two odd friends. The second is Fragile, PG-13, about a group of friends and their dreams and tribulations. Be sure to check them out!

Emily Muto has once again sent over some wonderful guest art. She runs The Way To Your Heart, an online comic about life, love, and Japanese Visual Kei bands.

Claire was awesome enough to send over some guest art featuring all the main Red String couples. She runs the webcomic series, Gargoyle.

Evey Wong drew up this sweet piece featuring Reika and Eiji sharing some quiet time. She has her official art site, EveyWong.com, and also has a few comics up over at FilthyFigments.com.

Kittyhawk drew up this adorable piece with Fuuko x Hanae! Kittyhawk creates the awesome/crazy webcomic series, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. She also has two series running at FilthyFigments.com.

Lil sent in this super cute guest art piece featuring the main Red String couples (and Kazuo). She is the creator of the webcomic series, Nicola & Belmondo.

Eve sent in this awesomely touching piece of Fuuko and her mom. Eve is the creator of the shoujo webcomic series, Her Majesty No More.

Guest Art
Jennie Breeden – The Devil’s Panties

Guest Art
Angi Mauri – Devil’s Cake

Guest Art
Kittyhawk – Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

Guest Art
Megan Gedris – Meaty Yogurt

Guest Art
Elle Skinner – The Littlest Elle

Guest Art
Emily Muto – The Way to Your Heart

Guest Art
Scott Sava – The Dreamland Chronicles

Guest Art
Robin Alan – Cardboard Angel

Fairy Tale Comics
Adult Red String side stories